Intelligent Warehouse System

Intelligent warehouse system

Pallet AS/RS 


Storage and retrieve with pallet, provide the largest storage density , efficiency , and increas-ed use of vertical space.

Miniloard AS/RS

Quickly and efficiently retrieve cartons , totes and trys in less space . Suitable for small load storage

Shuttle storage

Use AGV, RGV, LGV to replace the traditional storage methods. More flexible, safe & reliable.

HBW warehouse

Controlled by modern software, the storage and retrieval process takes place completely independently

Good Service

Deeply understand customer needs, respond as soon as possible,everything is based on customer interests.

High Quality

Delivering customer value through best-in-class products, services and support. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients.

Excellent Teams

With the help of automation professional colleges, years of work experience, more than 200 projects have been developed.

Competitive Price

The best cost performance, relying on patented technology, realize low cost and high efficiency. Exceeds customer expectations.


  • Increase throughput and efficiency with various storage configurations, transport mechanisms, and horizontal and vertical speed options
  • High-density storage makes the most of available space and maximizes vertical space
  • Accurate, real-time inventory data eliminates the need for physical inventory checks
  • Eliminate damaged or missing inventory with secure storage and improved picking processes
  • Reduce travel between operations to improve order cycle times

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Intelligent Warehouse

From large, heavy pallet storage to smaller, lighter shipments, or custom features to meet unique requirements. Maximize your space storage capacity to reduce facility expansion costs.

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