Shuttle system

Fangtong overhead shuttle is a new type of loT logistics system. It adopts Fangtong WMS control system and adds IOT to the logistics shuttle. In this way, the operation is digitized, and the operating status of the system is transparent and visualized. The ready-to-use loT control technology shortens the installation and debugging time by two-thirds. It is suitable for large-scale scenarios, long-distance, high-speed, and high-precision intelligent logistics needs. Equipment life management, predictive maintenance, and optimization of equipment layout through cloud control and visualization. This makes it possible to remotely control equipment operation and maintenance!

Through the IOT technology, the shuttle system is connected with the storage, production site, and workshop information systems. Through efficient path planning and intelligent scheduling algorithms, the shuttle system combines with the grabbing device to build an intelligent logistics model with intelligent perception, flexibility and high efficiency. 

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1. Aerial operation does not need to occupy the ground.

2. The overhead guide rail does not affect the layout of the ground machine and can optimize the route.

3. Fast speed, meet the production rhythm, reduce the use of equipment.

4. Using different fixture  to grab and lift various products, load range is 150-300kg

5.Ready-to-use design. Once a unit fails, it is removed without stopping the entire system.


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