Fangtong Intelligent’s purpose is to improve productivity and order accuracy, reduce costs, maximize warehouse space, and reduce errors for customers. Choose FANGTONG INTELLIGENT to help you automate your supply chain because we are a company with extensive experience in intralogistics. We help you analyze industry needs, identify pain points, select ideal equipment and optimize the entire production line, and cooperate efficiently and effectively.


Whether you want to improve existing manufacturing and warehousing equipment, invest in expansion or build new automation, Fangtong Intelligent can provide you with technical consultation and the most effective suggestions.


Industrial Controls

Fangtong control solution enables various system components to work together seamlessly through proper sequencing and coordination to achieve the best performance level, and the modular design architecture makes reconfiguration and future growth quick and easy.

Systems Integration

Fangtong equipment control and software systems are combined into a one-stop solution. Using the latest technology to synchronize complex systems and technologies so that they work in harmony with each other.


Intralogistics Software

Whether you need warehouse management, industry-specific solutions, complete software integration solutions, or a way to coordinate disparate material handling systems in an existing facility, Fangtong Intelligent Systems can get you up and running.


Technically, Fangtong will help you combine industrial robot systems with operations, improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce production costs. Welding, palletizing, handling, and SCARA robots are all important components of intelligent industrial production.


Custom Automation

We provide the best customized services and work with you to choose the best solution to achieve the best productivity and efficiency of manufacturing, distribution or warehouse operations with the best cost performance.


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