Robotic System

We have more than 20 types of standard robots, are suitable for various processing needs such as assembly, welding,handling, palletizing, depalletizing, painting, and polishing. Control cabinets, tracking sensors, 3D welding vision systems ,etc auxiliary devices, adopt the most advanced technology to realize efficient and stable production automation.

Good Service

Deeply understand customer needs, respond as soon as possible,everything is based on customer interests.

High Quality

Delivering customer value through best-in-class products, services and support. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients.

Excellent Teams

With the help of automation professional colleges, years of work experience, more than 200 projects have been developed.

Competitive Price

The best cost performance, relying on patented technology, realize low cost and high efficiency. Exceeds customer expectations.


Utilizing leading technology, our robotics provide a flexible method to solve complex operations, replacing manual operations, achieving fast, accurate and stable results. According to the production rhythm, arrange different numbers of various robots-welding, packaging, handling, palletizing, depalletizing, etc. on the production line.With rich knowledge and experience, our teams will help determine the best solution to improve productivity and performance, help customers realize industrial upgrading and develop business.

case studies

Handling Robot

Intelligent sorting lines can be applied to various industries such as clothing, express delivery, and retail. Low equipment cost, convenient installation, and low maintenance cost.

Welding robot

It is a cost-effective solution for sorting large quantities of garments.Suitable for garment manufacturers, industrial laundries, textile mills, etc..