Overhead Monorail System

Overhead monorail system


  1. Delivering and distributing materials according to pre-programmed procedures can save labor, reducing material loss, time and frequency of transportation.
  2. The management is automatically controlled by the Fangtong WMES system and operated on the computer, which is simple and convenient.
  3. U-shaped production line layout is adopted to realize end-to-end connection and Simplify the complicated. Greatly increased efficiency
  4. The production line is operated in the air, which can save the area of the factory building and improve the space utilization rate


  • The speed range is 20-35m/s. Rails don’t need to be lubricated,very clean.
  • Load range 10-500kg, Optional multi-rail approach
  • Using friction wheel set, the sound is <70dBs
  • Distributed control of small power motors is used to save energy.
  • Combination of pick-and-place mechanism for fast palletizing and loading.
  • Can be combined with vertical lifting mechanism to organize a multi-storey warehouse.



case studies

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